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Why Teachers Need Parents…

Categories: Education,Life 1 Comment

As I have been teaching for a long time, I have seen several approaches to “success” by students. Some may have a strict schedule. Others may find that sports help them focus and use their time better. Some have to have a study hall to get extra work done. But whatever it is, when I see very successful students, usually (although not every time), they have at least one very involved parent or guardian behind them. Not that there aren’t students who come from horrible family situations who do well in school, but let’s just say that parents are just as much a key ingredient to a student’s success as a good teacher.

This article, which appeared today on, is an excellent article that vocalizes so many of the feelings that I hear said often, by teachers, counselors, and administrators, both from the school I work in as well as from many other different districts. I hear it from teachers across the boards, both in core curriculum as well as in the arts, and in music, etc. This is not a simple, localized issue. I personally believe that what we are seeing is the same issue that is plaguing so many places of our life these days – a lack of general ethics. You can see it everywhere in the news, from the students on up to the politicians who take “bribes”, er, I mean, campaign contributions, and care not a whit for their constituencies.

In reality, to many people, it seems that life has become more about only the end result, not how you got that result. If you win the election, or get an “A” on the test, it doesn’t matter how you got there, does it?!

Of course it does.

Click Here for the CNN Article