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Summer Update

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Well, this summer has been very busy – vacations, and projects galore! I have several projects that are in the works right now, all of which I will share as soon as I can. The first is a video project, which consists of a series of instructional videos on CPR and AED usage. Boring, you might say, but it has been rather educational for me. I’ve learned a lot – not just about CPR and AED’s, but also about long-term projects like this, and the amount of work they are. More later, and I’ll post the videos as I finish them off.

Also, I got the chance to photograph on a movie set just south of Rochester. An old student of mine emailed me and told me they needed a photographer for some on-set shots. I wasn’t able to give them too much time, but I was able to give a little, and I’m very happy with the results. I’ll post those as soon as I’m done editing.

And lastly, I have two websites in the works – those will be coming up pretty soon. Again, I’ll post more when I get the chance. It’s kinda crazy up here in Rochester – what with all these projects, and house-work (getting ready for a new baby, and my office is about to be transformed into a nursery, so I’ve gotta carve out some space for myself!), it’s a wonder I can still stand!
Oh well. More to come – soon