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The title of the linked article below is rather misleading, but I thought that the quote from Jon Foreman, front-man of the band Switchfoot, very awesome. It really describes how a lot of people feel about this idea of “christian” and “non-christian” music.

I’ve always struggled with this… Not with whether or not I should listen to christian or non-christian bands, but rather with the people who seem to think defining such stuff is so important. I’ve found far more meaning in many “non-christian” band lyrics than most “christian” lyrics. (And I listen to both) I’ve heard “Christian” bands drop more f-bombs than many Non-Christian bands. And, in many cases, it didn’t really bother me when they did. As the fabulous quote from Jon Foreman states, “…judging from scripture I can only conclude that our God is much more interested in how I treat the poor and the broken and the hungry than the personal pronouns I use when I sing.”

Really, in the end, it’s really stupid to even argue about it all, because this is actually a commercial distinction – a distinction that runs more along demographics than anything else.
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