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Switchfoot Lead Singer Jon Foreman shares his thoughts on the idea of “Christian” Music

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The title of the linked article below is rather misleading, but I thought that the quote from Jon Foreman, front-man of the band Switchfoot, very awesome. It really describes how a lot of people feel about this idea of “christian” and “non-christian” music.

I’ve always struggled with this… Not with whether or not I should listen to christian or non-christian bands, but rather with the people who seem to think defining such stuff is so important. I’ve found far more meaning in many “non-christian” band lyrics than most “christian” lyrics. (And I listen to both) I’ve heard “Christian” bands drop more f-bombs than many Non-Christian bands. And, in many cases, it didn’t really bother me when they did. As the fabulous quote from Jon Foreman states, “…judging from scripture I can only conclude that our God is much more interested in how I treat the poor and the broken and the hungry than the personal pronouns I use when I sing.”

Really, in the end, it’s really stupid to even argue about it all, because this is actually a commercial distinction – a distinction that runs more along demographics than anything else.

Basically, this distinction exists to make you think you need to spend your money in one kind of music rather than in another. This is something that I think some of the best “Christian” artists have always known. It makes me think of Mark Solomon from Stavesacre. It makes me think of Sense Field. Or, maybe, best of all, Bono from U2. Love him or not, and independent of politics and musical style, I believe you have (apparently) evident in that man exactly what Jon Foreman is talking about in the above quote.

And I’m not even going to go into the power of music to lift our spirits and how art can make us into better people. I’m pretty critical of the Britney Spears type of pop music because I really believe that it’s mostly comprised of meaningless fluff, or worse, it celebrates and encourages the worst things (i.e. many rap/ hip hop songs and how horribly they treat women and violence in those songs/videos). But bands like Fugazi and Sense Field have so much to offer. Even more than many “Christian” bands. Maybe precisely because they were alway motivated not by making money, or singing the “right” things, but by making a difference in the way people think and feel with their art. Because I’m pretty sure God is interested in THAT.

Okay, so I did go into it. Oh well.

Sense Field – Building:

“you know we didn’t know what to think,
you knew all along we would work it all out,
you know we didn’t know what to believe
baby… love is building,
our lives are building
hate is a building burned down
(but) love is building

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