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Monday, July 14th

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On Monday, July 14th, I spent the day at a water well drilling site. It was a very hot and very long day, but was great to see the work that is being done to help people have access to clean water through the work of Ugandan Gold Coffee and CEED. I had a ton of equipment troubles, as my camera began acting up about halfway through the day. It would stop recording video on its own, then start again, then stop again, then start again, over and over. I let the camera rest for a while towards the end of the day and used my secondary camera, and it seemed to do a little better after a bit of a rest. But I still got some great photographs, and a lot of great video, too.

It’s very stressful trying to be a videographer AND still photographer at the same time. I feel like both my goals suffered because I was trying to do too much. It also kept me from using my shoulder rig for video, because that’s not helpful for shooting stills – it keeps me from being able to do vertical shots. So I loaded up my camera with all the microphones and everything and shot hand-held the whole time, which is exhausting. The camera weighs a ton with the audio recorder AND the shotgun microphone AND the rear microphones all attached to it. But I think I did ok- I guess we’ll see once I get the videos processed – but I’m pretty happy with the stills from the day. I know I could have done better if I had just been focused on just still photography, but that’s not what Ugandan Gold needs! Well, it’s good to always keep learning and keep staying flexible!

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