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Saturday, July 19th

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On the 19th,after a day and a half in Mweya, we packed up early in the morning and started a long, 8-hour drive back to Entebbe. A few group portraits in front of the elephant statue (it’s actually a real elephant, from what I was told), and then we were on our way. Mweya was awesome, and I hope to return there some day with my children!

After a long drive, we arrived at the airport. I took a few photos while we were unloading everyone’s baggage,and then I went in search of my luggage while they all checked in. I was told it wasn’t in the computer system. It wasn’t in the ledger. But I knew that my bag was there. After going through all the hoops, I finally got permission to get a special security pass that allowed me into the baggage area so I could look for my bag. I looked in one area – not there. Then I looked in another room, and saw it almost instantly. It was hilarious. Not in the system, my butt! When I went to sign for it, I was helped out by the gentleman with whom I had originally filed my “missing baggage” claim with. He remembered me, and told me that he had checked my itinerary that morning, and had remembered that I was flying out the next day. He said that if I had not shown up for my flight, he was going to make sure my bag went back to NY for me. In America, I would probably be very skeptical of the truth of that statement, but not here. I believed him completely.

So I went back to the hotel after all of this, and got ready to fly to Kenya on the 20th!

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