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Thursday, July 17th, and Friday, July 18th

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Thursday we spent about half the day travelling to Mweya Lodge for a day and a half of safari. I’m going to condense all my photographs from these 3 days into one post, so they’ll be a lot.

After arriving in Mweya, we went on a boat tour that afternoon. It was probably the most awesome thing. Tons and tons of elephants (literally!) were on the shore of the river, but we also got to see water buffalo, crocodiles, hippos, eagles, and many other different kinds of wildlife I’ve only ever ready about. Most of the photos speak for themselves. Then we went for a game drive that evening. Saw lots of wildlife, but there were 2 awesome things that bear mentioning: The first is that I need to say that being charged by and angry momma elephant is awesome. The adrenaline kick is pretty cool. And, being a photographer, I just kept my finger on the trigger and trusted my driver to do his job, which he did fantastically! The second is the most terrifying sight – a Hippo out of the water. You can see the photo below -we stared at each other for some time, and I felt a slow terror as I took it’s pictures. I know that they are the most violent and territorial creatures around, and he looked very unhappy to find us in his way. But he just stood there, so we stopped and watched him for a while. The lighting was horrible, so the photograph is grainy and dark, but that’s okay – it’s just proof of an encounter that I had that I will never forget.

On the 18th we woke up extra early and went out for a 6:00am game drive. We saw lots of bush bucks, water bucks, more elephants,and more birds. Oh,and more elephants! Sunrise was particularly beautiful as well, and I got some very nice photographs. I kinda wish I would have been able to stop some more and spend more time on some landscapes, but I just had to learn how to take pictures from a moving vehicle. We also met a whole troop of baboons; they are hilarious and odd creatures. Then, after a lunch break, we went for another evening game drive – our last. It was very pretty, and we saw a ton more wildlife. One of the trucks in our convoy even saw a Jaguar! We got in around 7:30, and drove right past the sign that stated that they gates would shut at 7:00. Oops. Well,they let us in anyway!

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