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Tuesday, July 15th

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On July 15th,we went back to the farm and ran a free medical clinic for the workers of the farm. One very large part of this was the distribution of reading glasses. We had a very large number of reading glasses that had been donated to us, and had traveled across the ocean in several suitcases! We also brought a kit that used TIG welding wire and a jig to let someone make reading glasses right there. It was pretty cool to watch that process, and watch how Matt and Graham taught themselves, and then taught others how to use the jig.

Azure Medical Clinic also brought some people up, and with members of our team and theirs, we did some basic medical screen, immunizations, and other medical care. The line was long – people don’t have access to much medical help there, and something like this was extremely special. (It’s amazing how blessed I am in America, and I don’t think about it at all.)

It was an awesome and hot day, and it was great to see another example of how CEED and Ugandan Gold are working to raise the standard of living and bless the people in this area.

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