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Sunday, July 20 to Tuesday July 22 – Nairobi, Kenya!

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I have finally finished editing all my photographs from Africa, and this is the last batch!

So, on Sunday, July 20th, I left Uganda and headed over to Nairobi. When I was there, I photographed an orphanage called Rehema Home. While I was there for 2.5 days, I will put all the photographs into a single post. It was an awesome few days. I can’t even really say much because I can’t type all that I remember – but it was a lot different from Uganda, that’s for sure. This orphanage is also so different – and probably the best one I saw the entire time I was in Africa. The children there described it as a huge “family.” They were truly brothers and sisters, and I was so impressed at how they took care of each other. I was truly blessed to witness such a great thing. I won’t say any more – I’ll just let the photos do the talking!

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