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Well, for once I wish I lived on the West Coast! As a boy who fell in love with the magic of film and special effects at a young age, I vividly remember the 1981 Clash of the Titans. And make no mistake, it may not look as impressive as the newest version, with all of its computer technology, but it was as much – if not more – of a masterpiece in visual effects. And Harryhausen was the man who brought all of that to life. And unfortunately enough, I think his name may not be remembered by a majority of this current generation of movie-goers. True, we all know the likes of Lucas, Cameron, and maybe even John Gaeta, but I’m afraid that masters like Harryhausen may not be written down in history as they should. So, at my urging, go see this exhibition, or at least, do a google search on Ray Harryhausen, just to understand how magic used to be made.

USA Today