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Advertising Photography Project

Here is the handout for your new photography project.  Also, below I have included several of the examples we looked at yesterday.  Remember, tomorrow, you will be expected to have 8 sketches ready for class – 4 for each of your top two ideas for this project.  (I will be giving points for each sketch completed!)



My Backyard Project – Evaluation

To finalize your project, you will need to do two things:  The first is to copy your image into the project hand-in folder.  Make sure that it is a Photoshop file, not a Camera RAW file.  Secondly, you will need to fill out the following evaluation.  You can complete it digitally by downloading the file linked below and then print it out when you have finishedd. You can also print it out first and fill it out by hand.  Both the evaluation and the photograph are due by Friday.



First Project: My Backyard

Your first assignment is a warm-up assignment:  Something to get you back in the groove, both creatively and technically.  Here are some handouts and a some examples from Minor White.  Don’t forget you can also look up “Abstract Photography” and get a lot of really nice examples of similar photographs.

Also, for those of you who are using your own cameras (which is most of you) – DON’T FORGET TO SET YOUR CAMERA TO CAMERA RAW!  Remember -I will be deducting points from students who shoot JPEGs!

AND, if you remember, please also set your cameras to the Adobe RGB color space as well.  I think you will be very pleased by the results.