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Flash Animation Evaluation

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Here is the evaluation for our Flash Project – Due on Monday. I handed it out in class, so this is just in case you lost it or were absent.

And yes, I do want you to grade yourself!

Storyboard Sheet

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For Monday you have complete a storyboard for your animation:  Remember, this is a simple set of drawings that just show your plans for how each “shot” of your animation will look like.  No shading is necessary – just simple line drawings.  Linked below is a PDF of the sheet, in case you need another one:

And here are a couple of examples of how a storyboard can look:

Character Sketches Examples

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Due for Monday:  You need to have a nicely detailed pair of character sketches finished for Monday.  One front view and one side view.  I found some nice examples online, but a lot of them have way more than just those two views.  Don’t think I want you to do more than just a front and side view right now – I want you to do just those two views.  We’ll talk about and get to the other views in due time.  So look below at the examples, and remember the requirements for the character you design:

  • Your character must have at least 4 limbs, and some sort of a face/head
  • Your character does NOT have to be human.
  • Come up with something that is unique – not typical anime, that sort of thing.
  • Draw only a side view and a front view
  • Draw the side and front views on a full sheet of paper, turned to landscape orientation.  The drawings should take up as much of the available space as possible!


Flipbook Evaluation

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Here is a copy of the flipbbook evaluation I handed out in class today. This is due Tuesday!


Making a Basic Puppet Character in Flash

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This is a practice assignment so that you can gain some experience in working with Inverse Kinematics before we start our next animation. Follow the demo in the video below and just make your character wave “hi” or dance in place.

Basic Tweens in Adobe Flash – Project

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Here is the handout and a demo video for our first computer-based animation project. It’s very simple, and you should be done rather quickly. Follow the instructions on the handout sheet, and if you run into problems, I basically do the project in the following video!

Project One: Flipbooks

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So we’ve just started out first project, which is a simple, 4-5 second flipbook – minimum 72 frames. There are a few requirements, so make sure you keep those in mind as you start the Flipbook. Below is a copy of the assignment sheet, just in case you lose your copy and need to review the assignment details.

Course Syllabus

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Here is a digital copy of the course syllabus, just in case you need it…

Welcome to the Animation Class Blog

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Welcome to the Animation Class blog.  This blog will be where I will be posting handout, assignment information, as well as recordings of any demonstrations that I do in class.  It will be a very important resource for you during the class, and you will want to visit regularly.

On the right, you will see a link that says “Subscribe to This Blog.”   I want you to enter your email address so that the blog will automatically send you a notification whenever something important is posted.  Don’t worry too much – it won’t be emailing you every day.  :)

Once you enter your email address on that page, then go to your email and find an email from my website (it may be in your junk mail folder), and in that email there will be a link.  Click on that link to confirm the subscription.  This is basically just verifying that you are a real person, not a spam program.

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