Browser width:
Browser height:
Content width:
Content - padding:
Thumbnail Width:
Number of Thumbs:
Thumbs Rounded:
Thumb Width Total:
Thumbnail margins:
Browser Ratio:
Background Ratio:
Background Set:
Scroll Set:
CopyLeft Width:
CopyLeft Spacing:
New CopyLeft Width:
Image ID Ident:
Content Posit:
Scroll Posit:

Character Sketches

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For our next animation, we are going to design a new character and build them in Adobe Fuse. But before you do that, you should sketch out what you want for your character. Each sketch should include a front, side, and back view, much like the examples below. This sketch can be done in color or black and white, and the character needs to be a human. This is important because there are limitations to Muse – It only makes humanoid characters. But it’s going to save us a ton of time, so we’ll stick to that for now.

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