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Here is a digital copy of the evaluation I handed out in class today. Just in case you need a new one. This needs to be filled out and handed back in tomorrow at the beginning of class. It’s pretty simple, so it shouldn’t take long. Also, don’t forget the back, too – I do want you to evaluate your own animation using the rubric.



Cube and Sphere Project

To start off our 3D Animation Units, we’re going to make a very simple 3D animation in Blender of a sphere and a cube colliding on a table. Here’s the assignment sheet:

Flipbook Project

Yesterday we talked about our new project.  Linked below is the handout.  However, I changed it a bit this morning and added a requirement:  You must use the story cubes that I showed everyone yesterday.  Yes, that’s right – I’m making you use them!  I think this will make the stories a bit more interesting, and maybe a bit more challenging.  When you roll the 9 different story dice, you will need to write down all nine selections on the back of your assignment sheet, and also, if you can, take a picture of them with your cell phone.

Once you have done that, you need to write a 1-2 paragraph story that describes what will be happening in your flipbook animation.  Include the nine cubes at the bottom.  This is due Monday.

Course Syllabus

Here is a digital copy of the syllabus that I handed out to everyone last week: