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Building Our Table in Blender – Part 2

In this class today we learned some more advanced ways of making our table look the way we want it to – including making it look smoother, and controling the way we make the edges look.

Building our Table in Blender – Part 1

In this demo, we learn about how to use some of the basic editing tools in Blender to make our table look a lot better!

Adding Motion in Blender

Animating Objects in Blender

Blender Basics

Cube and Sphere Project

To start off our 3D Animation Units, we’re going to make a very simple 3D animation in Blender of a sphere and a cube colliding on a table. Here’s the assignment sheet:

Exporting Your 2D Animation

Adding a New “Scene” to Your Animation

In this demo, I go over how to add a new “scene” or “shot” to your animation. And while adding a scene is easy enough, there are some very special considerations you need to think about if you are using symbols in your scenes – especially if you are using the same symbol in more than one scene!



Here is the demo I did that shows you how to work with the keyframes in a Frame by Frame animation…



In this demo I did the other day, I showed the class how to make a character run across the stage using a combinations of frame by frame animation and a motion tween: