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Evaluation for your PSA

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Here is the evaluation for your PSA. This is due on Monday!

The History of Green Screening…

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STUNNING 3-Minute Look at Turkey

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Filmmaker Leonardo Dalessandri spent 20 days and travelled 2200 miles in Turkey, and the resulting film is lush and imaginative. Honestly, I just spent 3 minutes with my jaw dropped. This is amazing filmmaking. Click the HD button, then the full-screen button, turn up the volume, and soak it in, ’cause I don’t think it can get much better than this:

Importing Your Videos into Final Cut Pro

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Final Cut Pro 7 is an application that was written in a very specific manner, and seemingly depends on a couple of very specific types of video formats. If you import the correct video type, then Final Cut Pro (and you) will be happy! If you don’t then Final Cut Pro isn’t so happy. In all fairness, however, this is the old version of Final Cut Pro that we’re using here – the newer version is a lot more flexible, and it can have many different kinds of video imported into it. However, it still likes the video to be in certain formats, but it does the conversion for you in the background without you knowing, whereas here, in Final Cut Pro 7, we have to do the conversion up front before we start editing. It may take a little more time, but in the end, it’s the same thing. So, click on the link below to see the different videos.

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ShortScene #1

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So, now we’re getting into our first filming assignment. Below is the handout I gave you in class, as well as a few examples of the “match cut” requirement of the film. Have fun filming; be safe, be smart, and be creative! Any questions, please feel free to email me using the contact link in the main menu bar at the top of the page.

A few examples of some great match cuts in classic cinema:


Camera Sign-Out Permission Forms

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If you want to sign out one of the cameras from the lab, you need to have this form signed by you and your parents! This is very important! I had these out at the beginning of the class, but I noticed that a lot of people had not taken any – so below is a link to a PDF of the form.

Setting Up Final Cut Pro in the A2 Lab

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Because of the amount of data that video uses, we have to set up Final Cut Pro a little differently here in the lab than you might do at home. But this is not a bad thing, as many video editors have special hard drives just for video editing, so they have to move their Final Cut Pro Documents folder just like we’re going to do.

The default for Final Cut is to put this folder into the Documents folder in your home directory. In our case, this would put that folder in your account on the server. This would also mean that your account would fill up very quickly. So we need to put the Final Cut Pro Documents folder on the iMac’s hard drive, in a special folder that has been set up for you to have access to (since you are not normally allowed to have access to the individual computer’s hard drive). This also means that you have to stay on that specific computer for the entire duration of this class, so be mindful of that.

Here is a demo video on how to set up your mac to edit with Final Cut Pro in the A2 lab:

Handouts from the First Day of Class

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Here are the handouts from the first day of class. Make sure you get the movies list (page 2 of the attached file) signed by a parent/guardian and handed in immediately! We will be starting our first shooting project soon, and as part of that we will be watching (parts of) a movie to analyze different editing techniques soon.

Welcome to the Digital Video Class Blog

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Welcome to the Digital Video Class blog.  This blog will be where I will be posting handout, assignment information, as well as recordings of any demonstrations that I do in class.  It will be a very important resource for you during the class, and you will want to visit regularly.

On the right, you will see a link that says “Subscribe to This Blog.”   I want you to enter your email address so that the blog will automatically send you a notification whenever something important is posted.  Don’t worry too much – it won’t be emailing you every day.  :)

Once you enter your email address on that page, then go to your email and find an email from my website (it may be in your junk mail folder), and in that email there will be a link.  Click on that link to confirm the subscription.  This is basically just verifying that you are a real person, not a spam program.

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