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Unbreakable Analysis

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This post just came out on one of my favorite blog sites, and I thought I would post it for you to read. The author does an analysis of Unbreakable 15 years later, and I thought it hit a lot of the points that we had talked about in class. It’s an excellent read, which also has commentary about some of Shyamalan’s other movies and how they compare to Unbreakable


Vine Inspiration

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Here’s a great compilation of Zach King vines as we are looking at using the camera to create optical illusions and “trick” our viewers into thinking something just happened that really didn’t:

Starting a Project in Adobe Premiere

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Here is a demo I did on how to organize your clips and start a new project in Adobe Premiere. this will be pretty true for any project that we do this year, so you can continue to use this as a reference.

Welcome to the Digital Video Class Blog

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Welcome to the Digital Video Class blog.  This blog will be where I will be posting handout, assignment information, as well as recordings of any demonstrations that I do in class.  

For now, this blog is going to be inactive, as I do not have a Digital Filmmaking class this semester.

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