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Getting Ready For Your First Assignment

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I am out again today because of the flu.  And because we can’t talk about cameras, I want you to start on your first projects.  That first project will be either commercials or PSAs.  After looking at PSAs and Commercials yesterday, I want you to think about what kind of commercial or PSA you might want to do.  You need to do either TWO 30-seconds videos, or ONE 60-second video.

What I want you to do is write up TWO paragraphs in Word explaining – IN DETAIL – what you want to do for your Commercial or PSA.  Paragraph set 1 is your PLAN A.  Paragraph set 2 is your PLAN B.  These two plans should be pretty different, so that if I tell you that your PLAN A is not going to be sucessful, you have another idea.Don’t just tell me about the subject, but also tell me HOW the story will unfold.  Write this almost like it’s a novel. Talk about what the camera is going to do, and how you want to “reveal” the story.

Once you have written both ideas, print them out on the HS-A2-BW1 printer and give them to your sub.

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