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New Project: Video Portrait

Today we introduced our next assignment. Below is the handout, as well as several examples from one of my favorite YouTube Channels. Tonight you need to write a proposal about who you want to film, what makes them so special, and how you are are going to film them. Plan on starting the filming process over break, but footage will not be actually due until the Thursday after we come back, because our current PSA projects are not due until that Wednesday. I just didn’t want you to lose any good filming time over break. Click the link below to see the examples and download the handout.

But before you do that, I also wanted to say something about the project – I really love the idea of this project, because it is a chance for you to do a piece of artwork on a person that you think highly of. someone that you admire. Someone who has overcome obstacles. Someone who has a unique outlook on life, and has unique talents. That person may be 16 years old, or they may be 80 – but I know that you know someone that you admire because of what they do and how they live their life. Think about how you can tell their story to the world using video as a medium. As you start to narrow down your choices, think about WHY people might want to know more about this person. If you can answer the WHY, you probably can find the story.

And if you’re not sure about who you would want to film, think about the person in your life that is the most influential, and WHY they affect the people around them so much. That should help you get started on a video about that person, their talents, and how their skills affect the people/world around them.

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