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Final Project – Music Video

Your final project is to create a music video. A couple of things to remember:

  • This is not supposed to be a “live band” type music video. This is supposed to be a music video that illustrates the concept/story that is in the lyrics.
  • No musical instruments are needed at all.
  • Minimum length of 3 minutes, maximum length of 5 minutes.
  • Songs must not have profanity or offensive lyrics in them – Use your common sense. If you have any doubt about the song, then your gut is probably right – it’s not good material for a project.
  • Full storyboard is due on Wednesday. We may have some time to work on them Monday and Tuesday, but not for the whole class on either day.


Below are digital copies of the assignment sheet and the storyboard sheet:


Video Portrait Evaluation

Here is a digital copy of the Video Portrait Evaluation, just in case: