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Final Project Evaluation

Linked below is a copy of the Final Evaluation for your Final Project, just in case you lose the one I gave in class.


Final Project – Music Video

Your final project is to create a music video. A couple of things to remember:

  • This is not supposed to be a “live band” type music video. This is supposed to be a music video that illustrates the concept/story that is in the lyrics.
  • No musical instruments are needed at all.
  • Minimum length of 3 minutes, maximum length of 5 minutes.
  • Songs must not have profanity or offensive lyrics in them – Use your common sense. If you have any doubt about the song, then your gut is probably right – it’s not good material for a project.
  • Full storyboard is due on Wednesday. We may have some time to work on them Monday and Tuesday, but not for the whole class on either day.


Below are digital copies of the assignment sheet and the storyboard sheet:


Video Portrait Evaluation

Here is a digital copy of the Video Portrait Evaluation, just in case:


Storyboarding Your Commercial

This weekend you need to “storyboard” your first commercial/PSA, or the first 30 seconds of your 1-minute project.  Remember, this is a PLAN for where you are going to put your camera, as well as a DESCRIPTION of the action of your project.  Below are a few videos about storyboarding that I like, and I also have attached the storyboarding sheet, in case you run out. And please excuse Sir Ridley Scott’s excessive cigar smoking: He’s a Brit.





Commercial/PSA Project

Attached below is the “handout” for the Commercial/PSA project.  It contains everything we discussed in class today, and maybe a bit more. No surprises, though.



Camera Loan Letter

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Here is the loan letter that you need to get signed if you want to borrow a camera.  Make sure you print it out, get it signed, and bring it back TOMORROW so that you can have a camera for the weekend.


Assignment for Today

Well, this is now officially the worst flu I have ever had in 18 years of teaching!

I have another small research assignment for you today.  Please take this seriously – all of this stuff is actually rather important to you filming skills, and we were going to go over it anyway, just in a different format.

Go online and find definitions as well as a picture that defines – IN DETAIL – these following filming techniques.  Copy and paste the pictures into a Word document, and the write the definitions right after.  I warn you, a couple of them will be harder to find still images of. But be creative and I know you can do it!  Make sure you also include WHY filmmakers/cinematographers do these shots.  What do they do for the audience?

  1. Close Up
  2. Extreme Close Up
  3. Medium Close Up
  4. Medium Shot
  5. Medium Long Shot
  6. Long Shot
  7. Extreme Long Shot
  8. Over the Shoulder Shot
  9. Establishing Shot
  10. Subjective Shot
  11. Two Shot
  12. Group Shot
  13. Canted Shot
  14. Emblematic Shot
  15. Abstract Shot
  16. Macro Shot
  17. Zoom Shot
  18. Pan Shot
  19. Tilt Shot
  20. Dolly Short
  21. Dolly Zoom Shot
  22. Tracking Shot
  23. Steadicam Shot
  24. Crane Shot