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Animation Requirements for Enemy Character

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Hey all – as we are finishing up the Enemy Character, you need to keep in mind that we will need a whole bunch of  animations to be keyed into Blender for the Game!  Here is a list of animations we will need for the Enemy Character. These are all due at the end of the quarter.

  1. T-Pose (must be set as frame #1)
  2. Standing Still/Resting Pose (You can animate this as well to get a sense that the character is alive.  Add swaying, whatever.  It needs to be a good loop though!)
  3. Walk Cycle (and shooting)
  4. Run Cycle
  5. Melee Attack – Run cycle with arms out straight towards player. Keep this simple.
  6.  Dying Animation – Character falls to ground.  The avatar will disappear from the scene after a few seconds.

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