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Adding Trees to Your Terrains

There is a very easy way of adding trees to your terrains – in fact, it works just like painting textures!  No need to try and add them one at a time – you just get the tree brush and start painting trees where you want them.  Watch the video to review the demo from class today.



Adding Water to Your Maps

Here is a recording of my demo today on the different types of water objects in Unity. Remember that you must have imported the Environment Asset Package, or else these prefabs will not be in your “Standard Assets” folder!





Handouts from the First Week

Here are some digital copies of the handouts from this past week. I am reading over everyone’s proposals for their video games, and you’ll all have my feedback Monday at the beginning of class. On Monday we’ll start sketching our maps, and from there start making our terrains in Unity by the end of the week.