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Getting Started with Terrains in Unity

With your maps all completed, you should be able to start working on your terrain. In this video, I go over how to create the basic contours of a terrain in Unity, as well as how to paint textures on the terrain.

Game Planning: Maps

Your second task in planning your Video Game is to draw out maps for each level. This will allow you plan out each level to the “t” so that you know exactly what you are going to need to do for each level. Below is a gallery of several examples of maps that will help you know what you need to do.

– REMEMBER: You will need at least one interior space/building in your game somewhere. It could be an entire level, or it could be a cave or a small house/hut that only takes up a small portion of one of the levels. How you fulfill this requirement is up to you, but you need to include this interior space in your map.

Beginning Our Game Project

We will be working on one large project the entire year, so it’s important to get it right! The planning process is where a lot of your decisions will be made, so now we are planning the story of our game. You will come up with two different ideas for a video game: A primary idea (Plan A) and a secondary idea (Plan B).

Remember the following requirements for your game:

  • The game will be a 1st person type game
  • The game must have two distinct levels
  • Your character will be encountering some kind of enemy while walking around the game environment
  • Your game must have some kind of understandable story/goal for your character to participate in.

Below is the brainstorming sheet you need to fill out for each idea. (This means you need to fill out two of these worksheets for full credit. Please type the answers on a separate form if your handwriting is in dire need of help.