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Here are some examples of this week’s sketchbook assignment. Pay attention to the requirements of the drawing – old technology is basically NOTHING that has a computer screen or some kind of electronics in it.

Below are a couple of videos about how to create a character in Adobe Fuse and then “rig” that character in Blender:





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Here is a copy of the Sketchbook Assignments for Quarter 4:





Using Transitions in Adobe Premiere





Getting Started in Adobe Premiere Pro



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You have a sketchbook assignment due on the Wednesday, April 11 (the Wednesday we come back from break).  You need to draw a profile of a person’s face – make sure it fills the page pretty well, and here are a couple of examples:


Sketchbook – Body in Motion

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Below are some examples of the sketchbook that have been done in years past.  Remember what we talked about in class, and keep in mind Duchamp’s famous painting:



And here are some examples of what a few students have done with this assignment in the past:”