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Flash Animation Evaluation

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Here is a copy of the Flash Animation Evaluation, in case you lost your copy. Remember, this is due tomorrow (Friday)!



Sketchbook Project – Profile of Another Person

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This week you are supposed to be drawing the profile of another person. Due wednesday, and here are a couple of examples:

Sketchbook Assignment – New Planner Design

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Remember, the sketchbook assignment is due tomorrow – and ignore the original one that was on the sketchbook assignment sheet. This week your objective is to design a new cover for the Student Handbook. Remember, this is a contest, and there are extra credit points at stake! Also remember, that the use of color will greatly help you “sell” your design to the administrators. Below are a couple of examples of the planner designs from years past…

Sketchbook Assignment – Emotions

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For this week’s sketchbook you need to draw 4 emotions for your character. You can chose one emotion on your own, but the other three are Anger, Surprise, and Happiness.

Here are a couple of examples:

Sketchbook Project: Storyboard!

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For next week, you are to make a storyboard for the character you have been designing. The animation should be short (30 seconds), and your character needs to be running in it at some point. So think about your character, who they are, and what kind of a story you can build around that.

Here is an example that a student did last year:

Here is also a movie I made, with sound effects, of a storyboard. This is from my Digital Filmmaking class, but it still applies:

Making a Run Cycle with Your Flash Character

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The following demo will show you how to make a run cycle with your Inverse Kinematic Flash Character. Follow the keyframes outline in the image below, and remember that this is only half of the keyframes – you have to do the other side, but they are identical in position:



Sketchbook Example: Character Sketch Side View

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Remember, this due Thursday! Here are just a couple of examples in case you’re stuck, but it’s pretty self-explanatory…

Making Basic Running Character with Inverse Kinematics

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Here is an old demo on how to set up a running character in Adobe Flash using the “Bones” tool and Inverse Kinematics:

Basic ‘Tween Assignment

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Your first assignment is to do the following project, which makes you create 4 different shapes and animate them using the 4 basic methods of Tweening in Adobe Flash. Remember to set your animation to a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a framerate of 30fps!

Sketchbook Assignment #1 – Design a Cartoon Character

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For this sketchbook, you will design a cartoon character for an animation.  This needs to be your own design (no copying).  This design needs to fill the page.  Include with your character things that would be a part of a story that your character might be in.  for instance, if your character is a space pilot, he should have a space suit and a helmet.  And cool anti-anti-gravity boots.  That sort of thing.

Here are a few examples done in the past:


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