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Sketchbook – Design a New PHS Planner

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Your Sketchbook assignment has been CHANGED! For this Wednesday, you are to design a new PHS planner. Take a regular, 8.5×11″ paper and turn it sideways. Divide it in half. The right half is the front cover, the back half is the back cover. Sketch out a design IN COLOR for your idea of a good PHS Planner. Do NOT do this assignment in your sketchbook unless your ok tearing it out. I will be collecting these to give to Mr. Hennick!

You must include the following things:

  • The words “Penfield High School” or “PHS”
  • The school year: “2016-2017″
  • The words “Student Handbook”
  • School colors… But to what extent is up to you.
  • Your name: “Design by…” Small and discrete, though.

Other things to consider including (but not mandatory):

  • A photo or drawing of the school building or other feature (stadium, etc.)
  • Penfield Logo/Mascot
  • Photos of people?
  • “Pride Honor Success”

Here are a few examples from the past few years:

Sketchbook Assignment: A Body in Motion

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For this sketchbook, you are to draw a body in motion. the purpose of this is to get you to study how the body moves, especially in preparation for the rest of our animation project. Marcel Duchamp’s famous painting, Nude Descending a Staircase is an excellent and most awesome example of a very unique study. If youn look at the painting (below) can you see the person walking down the stair? This is something called “simultaneity,” where the artist is showing you all of the motions the person made at once.


Here are a few examples of how some previous students have chosen to do this sketchbook:

Sketchbook Assignment: Storyboard

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For this sketchbook assignment, you will be designing shots for a short animation that you will be building in Adobe Flash. Please also read the assignment on your Sketchbook Assignments Handout given to you at the beginning of the quarter!

Here are some requirements:

  • This storyboard MUST use the character you designed in the last sketchbook assignment.
  • This story MUST include a shot of your character running or walking (from the side) for some reason or another. Other than that, the story is up to you.
  • This storyboard will outline the shots needed, as well as illustrate the story.
  • Every good story has a challenge or obstacle that your character will be trying to overcome. Whether they suceed or not is up to you. But you must have your character trying to overcome some obstacle or difficulty.

Here is an example of this assignment, scanned from a student’s sketchbook:

And here is a storyboard set to sound effects so that you cans ee how a storyboard can easily be converted into a “movie”.

Run Cycle Animation Project

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Here is the photo you will need for the run cycle project, as well as a basic assignment sheet:


4 Basic Tweens Project

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Here is the handout form the 4 Basic Tweens project:

Sketchbook #1 – Design a Character for an Animation

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For this sketchbook assignment, you will be designing a character for your flash animation. You will be using this character in your animation that you will be building in class! So don’t go too crazy – make the character moderately simple, but also adds little details that tell us what kind of a person or character they are. Things like clothing, boots, watches, hair styles, that sort of thing.

Here are a few examples for you to look at that have been done in the past:

Quarter 3 Sketchbook Assignments

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Here is the handout that I gave you today that has ALL the sketchbook assignments for Quarter 3…

Sketchbook Assignment: Foreshortening

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This week you are supposed to be completing a sketchbook where you draw a person with foreshortening. This is basically drawing a person with perspective, kinda like this line drawing:


Now that’s just a rough line drawing, but it shows how the person’s body fits inside a box that is drawn in perspective. However, you need to add more detail, so here are a few examples of what your sketch should look like:

Sketchbook Assignment – 2 Point Perspective House

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Tomorrow you have a sketchbook assignment due – a shaded drawing of a house in 2-point perspective. Remember, the main difference between a 1-point perspective and a 2-point perspective drawing is that the house is facing you in 1 point, whereas in 2-point, you are viewing the house from a corner, so that there are two sides of the house going away frmo you.

If you need a little more help, this video goes over how to draw 2-point perspective, but the examples in it are made up from scratch, whereas I want you drawing from real life.

I found the following examples online, except that most of them have little or no shading.

Sketchbook – Hand Holding Object

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Here are some examples of the next sketchbook assignment:

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