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Making a Run Cycle with Your Flash Character

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The following demo will show you how to make a run cycle with your Inverse Kinematic Flash Character. Follow the keyframes outline in the image below, and remember that this is only half of the keyframes – you have to do the other side, but they are identical in position:



Sketchbook Example: Character Sketch Side View

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Remember, this due Thursday! Here are just a couple of examples in case you’re stuck, but it’s pretty self-explanatory…

Making Basic Running Character with Inverse Kinematics

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Here is an old demo on how to set up a running character in Adobe Flash using the “Bones” tool and Inverse Kinematics:

Basic ‘Tween Assignment

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Your first assignment is to do the following project, which makes you create 4 different shapes and animate them using the 4 basic methods of Tweening in Adobe Flash. Remember to set your animation to a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a framerate of 30fps!

Sketchbook Assignment #1 – Design a Cartoon Character

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For this sketchbook, you will design a cartoon character for an animation.  This needs to be your own design (no copying).  This design needs to fill the page.  Include with your character things that would be a part of a story that your character might be in.  for instance, if your character is a space pilot, he should have a space suit and a helmet.  And cool anti-anti-gravity boots.  That sort of thing.

Here are a few examples done in the past:


Sketchbook Assignment for Quarter 3

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Below is the attachment for the sketchbook assignments for Quarter 3.  Read the instructions and pay attention to this blog for more in-depth examples!


Sketchbook: 2-point Perspective

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This week, you need to draw the exterior of a house in 2 point perspective. Remember, this means that the corner of the house is facing you, not one of the flat sides. Here are some examples and a video to help you along:

1-Point Perspective

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Here are some examples of the 1-point perspective drawing, as well as a video that will review how you go about drawing it. ALSO, note that you do NOT have to draw the lamp posts!


Sketchbook Examples – Self Portraits

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This wednesday, you have a self-portrait sketchbook due. Here are some good examples to look at so you know what I am looking for. And remember, it’s not as important that it look like you as you include the proper shading/value changes!

The History of the Green Screen

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Today we talked a little bit about the Green Screen and its uses. Here is the video I told you about that goes through the history of how the green screen came about in modern film (and by default, photography):

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