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Sketchbook – Hand Holding Object

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Next Wednesday, you will need to draw a hand holding an object. Below are a few examples of what I’m looking for. And remember, the values are more important than the form of teh hand. Make it look like it’s 3d!

Getting Rid of the Background in Your Images

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Here is the demo I gave yesterday on using the selection tools to create a Layer Mask.. Remember: DO NOT simply just erase the background with the eraser tool. This WILL lose you points. It will also cause you headaches later one. I promise you, it will!

Finding the Right Image(s) for Your Composite Project

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Watch the following video to learn how to find the right image(s) for your composite using the Google image search function. You need to make sure that the images you find have enough resolution – they need to be at 300 pixels per inch in the final image, which we’ll talk about some more tomorrow!

Sketchbook Project – Old Toys

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Here are some examples I found online of some good sketches of toys. Not as good as the ones I had in my iPhoto library, but since that is gone, these will have to do:

Sketchbook #2 – Cross-Contour Line Drawing

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Here are some examples of what I’m looking for with this sketchbook assignment. No shading, no values – just concentrate on the shape of the object, and pay attention to it’s size, proportions, that sort of thing. Don’t try to draw something that moves, like pets or people. You’ll only be making your job a lot harder.

Sketchbook Assignments for Quarter 1

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Linked below is the hand-out for the sketchbook assignments for quarter 1:

Organizing Objects in Illustrator

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As you start to create multiple objects in Adobe Illustrator, you may quickly get frustrated by how it organizes objects. This demonstration is a review on how you can “arrange” objects in Illustrator. And remember, you can organize objects all in one layer, or create separate layers to help you separate objects in a more definitive way!

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

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Getting used to a new piece of software is always tough. In case you need to review, here is a demo video on the basics of working with Adobe Illustrator:

Project #1 – Initial Design

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Here is the handout that describes our first in-class project. Remember that you must sketch this idea out at least 6 times and then clear your final design with me before you can move onto the computer.

Types of Line – Worksheet

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Here are two copies of the Line worksheet that we did in class. One is empty, and the other is completed (by me) so that you can use that to help you if you need a reference for certain types of lines.

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