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Examples of the Final Letter Design

I’ve put a couple of examples from last year in a gallery – make not of how some of the students designed their names to a higher level: They worked on how the letters could fit together to create a better design when everything was put together. Especially the first one, where the “A.” is much larger and the last name fits around it.  A couple of the others attempted something similar, but I think that one was the best.  Some I included simply because they were excellent font/letter designs, even though the actual layout of the letters may not hvae been as creative.  So keep all of that in mind as you are designing your own!

A Couple More Videos

Just a couple more…



Introduction to Illustrator

This is an old demo I did, but I’m putting it on here for your reference.


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The first sketchbook assignment is a pretty simple one.  You are to draw an object using cross-contour lines.  Do not draw a simple object that has no interior detail, like an iPhone or a tissue box, for example. First off, it will be harder to make a good drawing of something like that, and secondly you won’t really get good practice in drawing lines.  Knowing how to use lines to define an object and define its space is a very important design skill, so while this is a decently simple assignment, take it seriously, please!

Sketchbook Assignments for Quarter 1

Linked below is the handout I gave in class today: All of the sketchbook assignments for Quarter 1. Remember, I will post examples for each one the weekend before it is due. And while the sketchbook is due on Wednesday, I highly recommend that you do not wait until Tuesday to attempt the assignment – do them over the weekend and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Project One – Letter Design

For our first project, we’re going to be re-designing the letters of the alphabet.  Yesterday I gave you the first two stages of this project.  First off, you are supposed to redesign two of your intials with the following sheet:

After you finish six sketches, hand them in to me (which you should have already done yesterday), and I will give you feedback on which one is the best of those designs.  On Monday we will go over the next stage, which will use the second handout you were given yesterday.  But for now, don’t worry about that, and then on Monday I’ll show you some more examples and we’ll get moving on stage 2!

Handouts from the First Week

Now that we have the first few days behind us, I thought I would put the first few handouts online so you have access to them digitally.

Overview of Media Arts

As we get startedd in this class, I thought that it might be a good idea to give you all a few examples of some of the work that we will be doing in class this year.  Media Arts is basically an overview of many different types of digital media that you can use to create art, and you’re going to get a chance to try a lot of different things!



Welcome to the Media Arts Class blog.  This blog will be where I will be posting handout, assignment information, as well as recordings of any demonstrations that I do in class.  It will be a very important resource for you during the class, and you will want to visit regularly.

On the right, you will see a link that says “Subscribe to This Blog.”   I want you to enter your email address so that the blog will automatically send you a notification whenever something important is posted.  Don’t worry too much – it won’t be emailing you every day.  🙂

Once you enter your email address on that page, then go to your email and find an email from my website (it may be in your junk mail folder), and in that email there will be a link.  Click on that link to confirm the subscription.  This is basically just verifying that you are a real person, not a spam program.