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Surrealism – Visual Research

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You are to look on the interenet and find what you think is an excellent example of a surrealistic composite image – it can be a painting or photographic in nature. Copy the image into a Word document and the you will need to write about three major subjects concerning this image:

  1. STORY: Write 1 or 2 paragraphs about what is happening in the image.  Why is this interesting?  How do the visual element in the image support this story? Beyond what is actually happening in the image, what is the concept behind the image?  What is the theme of the action?  Is there a message that is above and beyond just what is happening?
  2. DESIGN:  Write about how the artist used some of the Elements and Principles of Design.  How does this help the story?  How does line or color contribute to the emphasis of the image?  Where is the subject located on the page?  How does that help the balance of the image?  Those kinds of things.
  3. TRANSFORMATION:  Talk about how the artist transformed a part of the image.  What is that element (or elements) like in normal life, and what is it like now?  How does that help tell the story now that it is transformed?  If there are multiple transformation (as there usually are), how do all those transformations help the story of the image?

This project is to be printed out on the color printer and is due on the Monday we come back.  This should take about 1 full class, so get to it and don’t dally too much.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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