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Surrealism Photography Schedule

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Tomorrow I hope to have the first few people shoot their portraits.  I want to see how long it takes, but I hope to have 3 or 4 finished by the end of the day.  With that in mind, here is the first two days of the schedule, and I’ll add the rest tomorrow after I see how long it takes to shoot each portrait.  Remember to wear the clothes that you will need for your shoot, and to bring in any props that you might want for the photo.  If you need to, you can drop anything off in my room before 1st period, and if you also want to take your photograph after school, that is completely ok, as long as your partner can be there as well!

  • Thursday, November 30 – Kate S. and Alaina B.; Celia D., and Lizzy T.
  • Friday, December 1 – Ella B. and Rory L.; Mert G., and Kevin H.
  • Tuesday, December 5 – Heather K. and Alexis M. and Adelyn B.; Peat I. and Tristan K.
  • Wednesday, December 6 – Sketchbook Day; Ceci G. and Evelyn V.
  • Thursday, December 7 – Jackson M. and Jacob M.;  Oliver D. and Tim F.

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