Browser width:
Browser height:
Content width:
Content - padding:
Thumbnail Width:
Number of Thumbs:
Thumbs Rounded:
Thumb Width Total:
Thumbnail margins:
Browser Ratio:
Background Ratio:
Background Set:
Scroll Set:
CopyLeft Width:
CopyLeft Spacing:
New CopyLeft Width:
Image ID Ident:
Content Posit:
Scroll Posit:

Here is the “official” handout for our current project…


Here are a couple of demonstrations on how to get rid of the backgrounds from your images.  The first one deals with simple backgrounds (like a green screen), and the second one deals with more complicated backgrounds.




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Here are some examples of your sketchbook assignment that is due next week!  If you want my advice, stay away from metal/glass objects so that you don’t have to deal with the reflections.