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You have a sketchbook assignment due on the Wednesday, April 11 (the Wednesday we come back from break).  You need to draw a profile of a person’s face – make sure it fills the page pretty well, and here are a couple of examples:


Sketchbook – Body in Motion

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Below are some examples of the sketchbook that have been done in years past.  Remember what we talked about in class, and keep in mind Duchamp’s famous painting:



And here are some examples of what a few students have done with this assignment in the past:”



Planner Cover Assignment

Our next assignment is a Student Handbook Planner Cover. You will be designing next year’s cover for the new student handbook! I have put a template in the “_Information Libray” folder on Media Shared. But before we get there, you need to hand in a sketch tomorrow that will show me where you are headed with this design.

    There are a few requirements that you should keep in mind:
  • I will be collecting your sketches, so you need to have them on separate paper
  • Turn your paper horizontally so that you can design the front and back covers next to each other.
  • The front cover MUST be on the right side.
  • There will be a margin, so make sure you keep about 5% around the edges clear of text
  • If you want photos of people, you can represent them with stick figures and whatnot.
  • Colors are important, so make sure you’re thinking about them – I’m not going to require your planning sketch has colors, but you need to be planning for that.
  • You MUST have the following words in your design: Penfield High School, Student Handbook, and 2018-2019. You may put other words on the planner as well, but those are a MUST.


See below for a few examples from years past…



Sketchbook Assignment – Emotions

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This week your sketchbook is to create four emotions for your character.  You have to do four sketches of your character showing a certain emotion:  Anger, Surprise, Happiness, and one more that is your choice.  Remember that there is so much more to emotions than just your characters mouth.  Change how big their eyes are, or change their ears.  Make their hair change, or maybe do other things that will show the emotion that you want to convey.  Below are a few examples of this done in the past, but not all of them comply completely with the requirements for this sketchbook assignment.






Sketchbook Example – Storyboards

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This week’s sketchbook is a storyboard – Below is one excellent examples.  Make sure you read the description and requirements on the Sketchbook Assignment handout carefully!