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Planner Cover Assignment

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Our next assignment is a Student Handbook Planner Cover. You will be designing next year’s cover for the new student handbook! I have put a template in the “_Information Libray” folder on Media Shared. But before we get there, you need to hand in a sketch tomorrow that will show me where you are headed with this design.

    There are a few requirements that you should keep in mind:
  • I will be collecting your sketches, so you need to have them on separate paper
  • Turn your paper horizontally so that you can design the front and back covers next to each other.
  • The front cover MUST be on the right side.
  • There will be a margin, so make sure you keep about 5% around the edges clear of text
  • If you want photos of people, you can represent them with stick figures and whatnot.
  • Colors are important, so make sure you’re thinking about them – I’m not going to require your planning sketch has colors, but you need to be planning for that.
  • You MUST have the following words in your design: Penfield High School, Student Handbook, and 2018-2019. You may put other words on the planner as well, but those are a MUST.


See below for a few examples from years past…

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