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This week’s sketchbook assignment is to draw a house in 1-pt perspective.  This drawing is to be of a real house, and is also to be a value study (shaded) just like a normal sketchbook assignment.

Below are some examples of previous sketchbooks, and then below this a short video on drawing objects in 1-point perspective.  Then below that is the notes from today’s class. Unfortunately, I did them much neater period 5, but I wasn’t recording it, of course.

Remember – you must draw your house with one of the sides facing you, and then one side going off into the distance.  The second example is the best one, so pay extra attention to that one.





Period 3 Portrait Photography Schedule

Okay, here is the photography schedule for this newest assignment. And remember, this list is the list of PHOTOGRAPHERS, not models.

  • Tuesday, October 25
    • Kayla B.
    • Mary B.
    • Vincent C.
  • Wednesday, October 26
    • Sergei E.
    • Kelly F.
    • Alison G.
  • Thursday, October 27
    • Julia G.
    • Ryan H.
    • Connor H.
  • Friday, October 28
    • Mara H.
    • Emily W.
    • Justin L.
  • Monday, October 31
    • Romondo M.
    • Cameron N.
    • Kyle P.
  • Tuesday, November 1
    • Conor R.
    • Max S.
    • Lydia W.-G.
  • Wednesday, November 2
    • A.J. L.
    • Dane W.

Handouts from First Week

Attached to this post are the handouts from the first week of classes: