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Sketchbook – Old Technology

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This week, your sketchbook assignment is to draw something that is old tech.  Basically, NOTHING with a screen or a microchip.  That includes old phones, old TVs, and old calculators.  What you should be drawing is gears/bicycles, hand tools, kitchen tools (not power).  A rotary phone would be fine, but not any cellular phone.  Here are a couple examples:

Sketchbook – Character Sketches

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This sketchbook assignment is A LOT like the character design we did for our animations last quarter… (A long time ago, I know!)  Fron, side, and back views of the person or thing that you want to be your enemy in your video game.  Here are a few examples:

Sketchbook – Video Game Map

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Your first sketchbook assignment is to design a map for your video game.  Below are some examples.  If you want to add some color, please feel free, but add the color VERY LIGHTLY.  Too much color will make the map muddy and harder to read/understand.

Also, I have decided that this Sketchbook assignment will actually be due on FRIDAY April 5th.


Sketchbooks for Quarter 4

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This is your last Sketchbook sheet!!!



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If you look at the sketchbook handout I gave you at the beginning of the quarter, you have a sketchbook due next week.  However, as I will be in Chicago on Wednesday, I’m going to make it due on Wednesday, 4/5.  I am still going to post examples today, and I would suggest that you do the sketchbook this weekend, just as you would if I were not postponing the deadline.

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This week, your sketchbook assignment is a “body in motion.” Remember what we talked about today concerning Marcel Duchamp and his “Nude Descending a Staircase” (below). Also below are examples of this sketchbook that previous students have done.

Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staricase”


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This week, you have a sketchbook assignment due on Wednesday.  Read the directions on the sketchbook assignment sheet very carefully!

Here are some examples – and remember, you must sketch “anger,” “surprise,” and “happiness.”  The last sketch is an emotion that you must chose.

Also, don’t just change the character’s mouth to express their emotions:  Use their eyes, their eyebrows, their ears, maybe even the shape of their head?  It’s up to you, but use everything you can to express what the character is feeling!

Sketchbook Examples: Storyboard

Below are the examples we went over in class for your sketchbook assignment this week.  Remember, you need a minimum of 8 frames, but most people will use around 12 or so.  Also remember, keep the action simple and fun.  Don’t go too complicated with the story, or else we’ll have to dial back.

Sketchbooks for Quarter 3

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Below is a PDF file that has all the sketchbook assignments for this quarter:

Sketchbook Assignment: Foreshortening

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Your sketchbook for next week (and the last one of the quarter) is called foreshortening.  Basically, have a model lie down and then put yourself at one end of the person, relatively close to them.  You are essentially to draw them in perspective.  See below for examples of previous student’s sketches that I think will help you.  And remember – Shade your drawing!  Line drawings will not be accepted.