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The first sketchbook assignment is a pretty simple one.  You are to draw an object using cross-contour lines.  Do not draw a simple object that has no interior detail, like an iPhone or a tissue box, for example. First off, it will be harder to make a good drawing of something like that, and secondly you won’t really get good practice in drawing lines.  Knowing how to use lines to define an object and define its space is a very important design skill, so while this is a decently simple assignment, take it seriously, please!

Sketchbook Assignments for Quarter 1

Linked below is the handout I gave in class today: All of the sketchbook assignments for Quarter 1. Remember, I will post examples for each one the weekend before it is due. And while the sketchbook is due on Wednesday, I highly recommend that you do not wait until Tuesday to attempt the assignment – do them over the weekend and save yourself a lot of trouble.