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Last Two Steps for Your Website!

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Okay – there are only TWO last steps for your website! The first is what I outlined in the previous post: You need to add an “h1″ title and the CSS to your page. Secondly you need to “link” your menu buttons, and then duplicate your index page and make the duplicates into the other 3 pages. Change the titles and you’re done!

Creating Rollovers with Text-Based Menu Links

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If you do not have images as buttons for your menu, you will need to create a rollover effect with the CSS. It’s very simple, and here is a demo video and screenshots of the code:

Here is the new CSS:


Rollovers with Images

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One of the things that we need to do is add some interaction with the user on our websites. We do this via the use of “rollovers.” Rollovers are a simple change that happens with the menu items to let the user know they are placing the mouse over a link. It’s pretty easy to do, especially since Dreamweaver does most of the coding for you!

Configuring the Content Area with Dummy Text and CSS

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What we need to do now is figure out what our content area would look like if we had actual content in it. But instead of taking the time to add real content, we can add “dummy text” that will help us figure out how to configure our content div.

When you add the dummy text to the content div, the text will probably burst out of the div. You need to modify the height of the div, from “height” to “min-height”. Also, don’t forget to set your margins and padding!




Moving from Photoshop to Dreaweaver

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NO AUDIO because someone unplugged the audio cable from my computer. But if you like silent film, this one will be a favorite. Because le’s face it – what’s better than NOT being able to hear me talk?!

Setting Up Your Photoshop Document for Web Design

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This demo will hopefully help you set up your Photoshop file so that you can design it in Photoshop easily:

Switch Objects From One Symbol to Another

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In your animation, it may happen that you want to switch an object from one symbol to another in the middle of a scene – Such as moving a sword from the torso to the character’s hand, as I do in the following demo. The one big thing to remember is that you must duplicate and swap ALL the symbols involved so that this change doesn’t happen in other scenes!

Adding a Scene to Your Animation

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Adding a scene to your animation is the way to give yourself a new Point of View (POV) or, basically, switch to a new camera. This will help you keep your audience’s interest, as well as show different things so as to communicate your animation better!

How to Save Your Animation as an Uncompressed Document To Keep the Pinwheel Away…

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As your animation gets more and more complicated, with more and more symbols, scenes, and tweens, you will find that Flash will start to slow down, and the “Pinwheel of Death” will show up every 10 minutes or so, and will freeze Flash for anywhere from 1-10 minutes!

So, you need to save your animation as a special, “uncompressed” file type so that this doesn’t happen. At least, it won’t happen as much or for as long.

Putting it all Together: Using Keyframes and Synchronizing Animations in Flash

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Today I went through how you can modify the animation with your character to include other objects, and how to adjust the animations using the keyframes so that the actions line up and work together to create a masterpiece!

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