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Sketchbook Assignment – 2 Point Perspective House

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Tomorrow you have a sketchbook assignment due – a shaded drawing of a house in 2-point perspective. Remember, the main difference between a 1-point perspective and a 2-point perspective drawing is that the house is facing you in 1 point, whereas in 2-point, you are viewing the house from a corner, so that there are two sides of the house going away frmo you.

If you need a little more help, this video goes over how to draw 2-point perspective, but the examples in it are made up from scratch, whereas I want you drawing from real life.

I found the following examples online, except that most of them have little or no shading.

How to Start Your Composite Project

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Here’s a video of the demonstration I did yesterday on how to copy and paste new images into your composite, and then the correct way to use Layer Masks to eliminate the backgrounds. Remember, while I normally don’t grade you absed on whether or not you do things my way, in this case I will be: You will be graded on whether or not you use Layer Masks!

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