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1-Point Perspective

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Here are some examples of the 1-point perspective drawing, as well as a video that will review how you go about drawing it. ALSO, note that you do NOT have to draw the lamp posts!


Getting Rid of the Background in Your Images

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Here is the demo I gave yesterday on using the selection tools to create a Layer Mask.. Remember: DO NOT simply just erase the background with the eraser tool. This WILL lose you points. It will also cause you headaches later one. I promise you, it will!

Organizing Objects in Illustrator

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As you start to create multiple objects in Adobe Illustrator, you may quickly get frustrated by how it organizes objects. This demonstration is a review on how you can “arrange” objects in Illustrator. And remember, you can organize objects all in one layer, or create separate layers to help you separate objects in a more definitive way!

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

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Getting used to a new piece of software is always tough. In case you need to review, here is a demo video on the basics of working with Adobe Illustrator:

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