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Composite Project Evaluation

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Below is the link to a digital version of the composite project, in case you lost it, or were absent.

Official Flash Project Handout

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Linked below is the official Flash Animation handout. I’ve already approved everyone’s storyboards (if you did one), so I think almost everyone is ready to go! This handout will just serve as a simple reminder for what you need to do, as well as possibly help some of those who haven’t come up with an idea and done their storyboard yet. If you are struggling with this, please let me know, and I’m sure I can help you come up with a few ideas.

Flash Project #2 – Puppet Character

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Our next introductory project is to make a simple puppet character in Flash. The demo below will show you how. Just use simple rectangles and don’t worry about facial features. Then just make the character dance around in place.


Here is the demo:

Composite Project: Student Examples and Planning Sheet

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Here is a copy of the planning sheet for the composite project, just in case. Remember, it is due on Monday!

And here is a gallery of previous student projects:

Abstract Principles & Color Photoshop Project – Evaluation

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Here is a copy of the evaluation that I handed out today:

Sketchbook Assignments for Quarter 2!!!!

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Hey everyone – I forgot to give 1st period the sketchbook assignment sheet this morning! I am so sorry, AND the first sketchbook will be due on Tuesday because of Thanksgiving, so I hope you’re reading your emails from me like you’re supposed to! Anyway, linked below is the handout – read carefully, and I’ll post an example of the first assignment in just a few minutes.

Photo Project – Assignment & Shooting Schedule

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Okay, I have made the schedules for the in-class portrait project. Note I have also posted the assignment sheet so you can go through it and refresh your idea of what exactly I’m looking for with this project.

And here are the schedules for the portait sessions. Please keep in mid that this schedule names the photographer, not the subject. the photographer is responsible for reminding and making sure that the subject brings their prop(s) for the portrait session. In the case that someone forgets their prop(s), the photographer will have to improvise, but the subjects will lose points from their project.

Period 1 Photography Schedule: Period 4 Photography Schedule:
Day One: A. Seidman Day One: Y. Li
R. Compotore J. Kelley
E. Franklin L. Klintworth
Day Two: E. Kirby Day Two: E. Beers
J. Healey T. Youngman
A. DiBiase-Cole C. Wiktorski
Day Three: A. Proseus Day Three: T. Griffith
A. Cooke B. Kabot
J. Bobrowski M. Blackburn
Day Four: C. Allen Day Four: S. Klein
B. Swistak J. Flanagan
K. Bridgman A. Delucia
Day Five: M. Kocher Day Five: G. La
A. Vick G. Hastings
M. Anglum J. Heath
Day Six: H. Lavigne Day Six: H. Fedele
H. Poisson A. Steigerwald
B. Frederick J. Solomon
Day Seven: M. Weilacher Day Seven: C. Anderson
J. Tarkowski B. Fontaine
Z. Gaffney M.G. Zoyack
J. Palmere

Principles and Color Schemes Project

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Today we talked about a new project in Adobe Photoshop. Below are the notes from our discussion about color schemes, the handout from today’s class, and examples of the project done by students in previous years.

Circle, Square, Triangle Evaluation

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In case you lose yours, here is the evaluation for the Circle, Square, Triangle project:

Color and Depth Excercises

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Yesterday we went over two exercises that I want you to do in Photoshop that illustrate 2 ways we can create depth using color. The video below will guide you through the process, as will the instructions on the assignment handout:

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