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Surrealism Digital Portrait Project

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Our next project is a surrealistic portrait assignment. Below is a copy of the handout, and a few examples of previous student work for this project (or one close to it). The last two images are ones I found on the internet that I liked because it shows you all the different photographs used to make the images.

Line Design (Font) Evaluation

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Below are links for the Line Design Evaluation that I passed out in class. Use the Word Doc if you want to type your answers. Please use a different font (readable) or italics so that it is easy to differentiate your answer from the questions!

Sketchbook Assignments for the Rest of Quarter 1

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We’ve already done our first sketchbook project, but have a bunch more to do. Linked below is the list of sketchbook assignments for the rest of Quarter. Remember that I will be posting examples for each assignment every weekend before they are due, so make sure that you come back here to look at the examples before you start the assignments!

Line Project: Your Very Own Font

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This week we started on our first project: Your own Font design. Below are the handouts from the beginning of the project, as well as examples of the project done by students previously. Remember that the font design sheet is your first sketchbook project, and the first page is due this upcoming Monday (September 19th).

Handouts from First Week

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Attached to this post are the handouts from the first week of classes:

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