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Making Simple Global Edits in Camera RAW

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Global Edits are changes to the image that effect the entire image. A Local Edit is an edit that only affects a small portion of the image. We’ll learn more about Local Edits later on, but for now we want to focus on Global Edits in CAmera RAW. These are changes to the image’s white balance, exposure, shadow areas, highlights, etc…

Editing and Rating Your Images in Adobe Bridge

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How to Import Your Photographs Using Adobe Bridge

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In photograph class, we will use Adobe Bridge as a s”springboard” for almost everything we do. It’s a great application, and will help you do a lot of you evaluation and editing of your photographs. But first we have to get them off those memory cards! Watch the demo to review the process I showed you in class:

NOTE: In the demo, I ask you to rename your photos by “Today’s Date.” In class I asked you to rename them by the shot date. I want you to do what I told you in class, not what the demo says. I now think naming the images by their shot date is a better method.

Shutter and Aperture in Slow-Motion

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This is the video I showed you in class of the shutter and the aperture of a camera filmed in super-slow motion, showing you what happens when you push the trigger of the camera.

How a Lens is Made

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As we’ve been talking about the camera and how it works, I found these two videos and thought they might be informative:


Project One – Scavenger Hunt

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So, first shooting assignment! YAY! Below is a link to the assignment sheet, along with the list of things you are supposed to find. Keep in mind some of the examples we looked at today, but also look at the different design ideas as problems to solve. Problems that require you to come up with your own solution. And remember, enjoy the adventure/process of photographing. Look at the world through the lens in a new way!

Handouts from Beginning of Class

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These are the handouts from the beginning of class, just in case you have lost them. Also included is the sign-out permission form for the cameras. Imprtant if you want to take a a camera!!!

Welcome to the Digital Photography Blog

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Welcome to the Digital Photography Class blog.  This blog will be where I will be posting handout, assignment information, as well as recordings of any demonstrations that I do in class.  It will be a very important resource for you during the class, and you will want to visit regularly.

On the right, you will see a link that says “Subscribe to This Blog.”   I want you to enter your email address so that the blog will automatically send you a notification whenever something important is posted.  Don’t worry too much – it won’t be emailing you every day.  :)

Once you enter your email address on that page, then go to your email and find an email from my website (it may be in your junk mail folder), and in that email there will be a link.  Click on that link to confirm the subscription.  This is basically just verifying that you are a real person, not a spam program.

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