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HDR Project Evaluation

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Below is the evaluation handout for your HDR project. It is due a week from today.

Worst Photography Advice Ever

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A couple of photographers just compiled their list of the worst photography advice they’ve ever heard. I though it would be good reading, and I laughed more than once, mostly because I’ve heard them all before…

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.10.26 PM

Great Series of Photographs

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This is a great series of photographs done by a photographer names Jimmy Nelson who has travelled to the ends of the earth photographing some of the last intact tribal cultures. I really enjoyed what I saw in this short slideshow:

Identifying the 12 Designs for Your Photography Project

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The last thing you need to do for our first project is identify what 12 designs you photographed – Follow the demo video below for the procedure:

Demo: Making Contact Sheets with Adobe Bridge

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Cropping Photographs: Should I or Shouldn’t I? (And if so, HOW?)

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We talked today about how to crop images, and more importantly, what you are giving up if you decide to crop an image. Watch the video to review:

Making Simple Global Edits in Camera RAW

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Global Edits are changes to the image that effect the entire image. A Local Edit is an edit that only affects a small portion of the image. We’ll learn more about Local Edits later on, but for now we want to focus on Global Edits in CAmera RAW. These are changes to the image’s white balance, exposure, shadow areas, highlights, etc…

Editing and Rating Your Images in Adobe Bridge

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How to Import Your Photographs Using Adobe Bridge

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In photograph class, we will use Adobe Bridge as a s”springboard” for almost everything we do. It’s a great application, and will help you do a lot of you evaluation and editing of your photographs. But first we have to get them off those memory cards! Watch the demo to review the process I showed you in class:

NOTE: In the demo, I ask you to rename your photos by “Today’s Date.” In class I asked you to rename them by the shot date. I want you to do what I told you in class, not what the demo says. I now think naming the images by their shot date is a better method.

Shutter and Aperture in Slow-Motion

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This is the video I showed you in class of the shutter and the aperture of a camera filmed in super-slow motion, showing you what happens when you push the trigger of the camera.

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