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Expressive Portrait Assignment

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So, this weekend you should start shooting your Expressive Portrait Assignment. Below I have attached the assignment sheet, and examples from previous students, for reference.

Using Adjustment Layers to Get More Out of Your Photographs

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As I showed you yesterday, you can use Adjustment Layers to get more out of your photographs. When you adjust things like contrast and brightness in Camera RAW, those are Global changes. In other words, they are changes that happen across the entire image. With Adjustment Layers, we can make Global changes, or we can use the attached Layer Mask to make that Adjustment Layer only affect certain areas of the image. This is called a Local Change. Makes sense, right?

Introduction to Photoshop

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If you’re having problems navigating through Photoshop, watch this video. I didn’t do a demo like this in class, but I’ll post it anyway, just in case you are a little lost!

Identifying the Designs You Chose

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Now that you have edited your photographs, it is time to go through them and put them into a sheet that I have designed. You can only use a photograph once, and you will need to follow the video below, which explains how you go about doing this:

Elements and Principles Project

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This weekend we are starting our Elements and Principles Project. Below is the handouts I gave you, and below that are a few examples. Have fun with this scavenger hunt!

Photos are due Tuesday!

Making Contact Sheets in Adobe Bridge

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Whenever you shoot a project, I will always require you give me a “Contact Sheet” before you chose your final image. Below is a tutorial on how to make a contact sheet and print it out.


Also, if you’re curious, here is a video on how “contact sheets” are made in a darkroom, with traditional photographic film and paper. You’ll notice that the negatives (film) are in “contact” with the photographic paper, which is where we get the name “Contact Sheet”.

Best Photographers – and Their Images – From the Olympics!

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I found this blog post this morning on Twitter – There are some AMAZING images on here, and I really think you should take the time and check them out!

Rating and Checking the Focus of Your Images

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Importing Your Photographs From the Camera Card

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Once you have shot your assignment, you will need to download the images from your card to the computer. To do this, you will need to take the card out of the camera, and, if it is a SD card, place it into the SD card slot on the side of the iMac. If it is another kind of memory card, you will need to get a USB card reader from me, and then plug that into the back of the computer. Once you’re there, open Adobe Bridge and then go to “File > Get Photos from Camera”. This will open the download dialogue. From here, there will be several things to be mindful of:

  • Make sure that you choose the folder where you want the images to be saved to. This folder must be placed on the “mediastudents” folder.
  • Turn off subfolders!!!!!
  • Make sure you set the renaming to “Shot date.” This will help prevent mistakes later one when you could save a file over top of one of your existing ones, and lose your work!
  • If you need to save only certain photos off your memory card, click on “Advanced Dialogue” and you can then deselect the photographs you don’t want to save.

Below is a demo where I go over most of the procedures we talked about today in class. Remember one thing: If you’re in doubt, it’s best to ask for help! Especially when compared to the prospect of losing your work!

Project #1 – Ordinary to Extraordinary

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So we’re shooting our first project! It’s exciting, but also realize that you’re just starting out – so go slow, double-check all your settings, and don’t rush the shots.

Here’s a link to the assignment hand-out:

And here are some examples of this project to help you along:

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