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Final Project Possibilities

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Okay, here is a tally of the ideas that you all came up with today.  Look at these topics and think about them for the weekend.  We’re going to vote on them Monday and then start preparing for the project.

  1. Things forgotten
  2. Human feelings & emotions
  3. Public Service Announcements
  4. Modern Fairy Tales or Myths
  5. Superstitions/Rituals
  6. Reflections (?) – Interesting idea, but not specific enough – anyone have any ideas to make this better?
  7. Phobias
  8. Opposites that attract/Odd couple or strange pairs of people/things.
  9. Growth – developing, changing in society
  10. People with dual personalities/different emotions or reactions in situations?
  11. Shadows (?)
  12. Fashion through the years (generational)
  13. Social Issues – Not specific enough – can we have some people get some more specific ideas for this?
  14. Warping Reality – specific how can a photographer change what you see or how you view objects
  15. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure


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