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When you are editing images, you can make a lot of global changes to your aimges with Camera Raw. That will be good for the image on the whole, but many times you want to make more specific changes to certain areas of the image, which we call local changes. The following two demos go over the basics of using adjustment layers in Photoshop, and then fine-tuning those adjustment layers using layer masks. This will give you far more control over your images than Camera Raw can.




Maknig Contact Sheets with Adobe Bridge





Editing and Rating Your Photos in Bridge



Importing Your Photographs Into Bridge



Shooting Tips!

Good morning, everyone!  While I was sitting at the breakfast table, drinking my tea this morning, I was thinking about you all shooting your first assignment this weekend.  I thought that it might be helpful if I gave you a series of tips and things to remember when you are shooting this weekend.  For those of you using your own cameras, these are also VERY important as well!  I’ve divided my advice into two sections:  Preperation before you start shooting, and then things to keep in mind while you are shooting.  I hope these things help:

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Ordinary to Extraordinary Project

Our first assignment is called “Ordinary to Extraordinary.” I call it that because I think that actually summarizes exactly what photography is actually all about. Remember – just about everything in teh world has been photographed before, so to make an original photograph, you need to change how you photograph it.  This assignment will hopefully get that process started.

Here is the handout that I gave in class today:

And here are some examples that will hopefully help you along the way!

Handouts from the First Week

Here are just digital copies of the handouts from the last couple of days.  The first one is the Syllabus, and the second one is the DSLR loan letter.  The loan letter is only a concern for you if you need to borrow a camera from Penfield, and remember that you need to have it signed and returned by Monday morning, so please remember to do that!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Overview of Photography Class

As we are having our introductory discussions about Photography and what it is, I thought it would be a good idea to put a few examples of what students have done in the past on the website.  I’m not goinjg to tell you what the assignment was, or anything like that – it’s just a bunch of beatiful pictures.