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Portrait Assignment

Here is the handout I gave out in class today, and below are a few examples of previous student work for this project.


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You have a new assignment! It’s a scavenger hunt, and the focus is on composition – How to show certain very important design elements that will help you communicate your photographs better.  We use the Elements and Principles of Art and Design to make our photos better.  Below are the handouts I gave in class, and below those are some examples (from the interwebs as well as from previous students) that I found that I think might help you start to think about how you’re going to photograph this project.  And remember, photography is NOT a passive art.  If you just sit there and wait for a good photo to walk in front of you, you’ll be waiting a loooooong time!



Handing in Your First Project

Tomorrow you need to hand in your first projects for grading. You need to hand in two final images, by copying them to the Hand-In Folder on the MediaShared server. In addition you need to complete the following evaluation and put that in the hand-in box by the end of the day tomorrow.