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Pinhole Photography Research

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Today and tomorrow you have been instructed to do some visual reasearch, and find an AWESOME pinhole image online and write about it. Then you need to copy the inage into a Word document and write about the following general ideas:

  • Composition:  How did the photographer compose the image in a way that draws your attention to the focal point?  How is this different than you might see in a photograph that is NOT created with a pinhole camera?
  • Design:  How did the photographer use the elements and principles, especially value, line, and shape, to create an interesting photograph?
  • Content:  Why is the image interesting?  What is different about the story that is in the image?  How is this changed/enhanced by the fact that it is created witha  pinhole camera?

These papers will be printed out using the color printer when we come back from break.  It should be a good 3-5 paragraphs long.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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