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Voting Results for Final Project

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So… You know how I thought that I would be an awesome teacher and made you all vote twice because the voting was too close between three categories? Yeah, well, not such a good move. Because after all the counting was done, we have a tie!  (Both Phobias and Emotions had the same number of votes.)  So… Here’s the deal. After a couple of hours of thinking about it, I’ve decided to let you chose between the top 3:

  1. Phobias & Fears
  2. Emotions & Color
  3. Stereotypes/Personalities via Clothing/Fashion

I think all three of these are pretty strong, so I’m going to let you go with it, and we’ll see what happens.  So, now you need to decide on one, do a little research, come up with a concept, and write a 2 paragraph proposal on your idea and bring it to class tomorrow.  Remember, this is for a grand finale of FOUR photographs.  The paragraphs/proposals are due at the beginning of class!

I hope everyone is happy, and hope you all have a good afternoon!

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