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Browser height:
Content width:
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Thumbnail Width:
Number of Thumbs:
Thumbs Rounded:
Thumb Width Total:
Thumbnail margins:
Browser Ratio:
Background Ratio:
Background Set:
Scroll Set:
CopyLeft Width:
CopyLeft Spacing:
New CopyLeft Width:
Image ID Ident:
Content Posit:
Scroll Posit:

Final Project Evaluation

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Linked below is a copy of the evaluation for your final projects.  This is a simple evaluation, but it’s really important to do, as it will help you explain your project’s subject matter, which I think is definitely something you want to do, as that will affect your grade a lot!  This evaluation is due TOMORROW!

In addition to that evaluation, linked below is the end-of-class evaluation that you need to complete as well.  This is also a very important handout to finish, and is a relatively large grade (writing-wise).  This is also due TOMORROW!


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