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Final Project Evaluation

Linked below is a copy of the evaluation for your final projects.  This is a simple evaluation, but it’s really important to do, as it will help you explain your project’s subject matter, which I think is definitely something you want to do, as that will affect your grade a lot!  This evaluation is due TOMORROW!

In addition to that evaluation, linked below is the end-of-class evaluation that you need to complete as well.  This is also a very important handout to finish, and is a relatively large grade (writing-wise).  This is also due TOMORROW!


Portrait Assignment

Here is the handout I gave out in class today, and below are a few examples of previous student work for this project.


Handing in Your First Project

Tomorrow you need to hand in your first projects for grading. You need to hand in two final images, by copying them to the Hand-In Folder on the MediaShared server. In addition you need to complete the following evaluation and put that in the hand-in box by the end of the day tomorrow.

Ordinary to Extraordinary Project

Our first assignment is called “Ordinary to Extraordinary.” I call it that because I think that actually summarizes exactly what photography is actually all about. Remember – just about everything in teh world has been photographed before, so to make an original photograph, you need to change how you photograph it.  This assignment will hopefully get that process started.

Here is the handout that I gave in class today:

And here are some examples that will hopefully help you along the way!

Handouts from the First Week

Here are just digital copies of the handouts from the last couple of days.  The first one is the Syllabus, and the second one is the DSLR loan letter.  The loan letter is only a concern for you if you need to borrow a camera from Penfield, and remember that you need to have it signed and returned by Monday morning, so please remember to do that!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!