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Nature Photography Evaluation

Below is the Nature Photography project evaluation. You can print it out and write in your answers, or download it and type your answer in. If you wish to type your answers directly into the handout, use the WORD DOC format below. If you just wish to download the form, print it forst, and the hand-write your answers in, download and print the PDF file. Make sure you use the HS-A02-BW1 printer! (To save the color printer’s ink supplies.) The whole project is due next Tuesday, right before Thanksgiving.

Expressive Portrait Project

This weekend you will be photographing your expressive portrait assignment. We’ve spent days talking about it, so hopefully you have a good idea of what you want to do. Remember the following requirements, though:

  • 120 shots minimum
  • 2 models maximum (in that first 120 shots)
  • No pets, and no children
  • Bonus points for a model over the age of 55

And here are a few examples for you to look at from previous students:

For reference, here is the project handout, as well as the Elements and Principles handout that I gave you in class:

Project One: Ordinary to Extraordinary

This weekend you will be shooting your first project! In this post, I have uploaded the assignment sheet, as well as some of the examples we looked at in class. Also, for those of you shooting with your own cameras, please see if you can change your camera settings to save your images as a RAW file (instead of JPEG). This will give you much better quality. If you don’t know how to do that, look it up online – it should be a very simple process, but it is extremely important!

Class Syllabus and Camera Loan Letter

Here are PDFs of the Course Syllabus and the Camera Loan Letter from last week. Just in case you need an extra.