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Digital Video, Animation, Photography, and Media Arts How-To Videos:

ALL VIDEOS ARE IN QUICKTIME FORMAT - to download the Quicktime plugin, go HERE

Also, please remember, these are recordings of actual classes, so you will here extra noises, coughing, interruptions, that sort of thing. But I feel that these are valuable, so I put them up on the Internet anyway. But just be mindful that there will be mistakes and other imperfect things present in these demos.


Movie File
Setting up Final Cut Pro in the Art Labs - Specifically how to set up the scratch disks. VERY IMPORTANT!
How to import .mod files from a SD or HD camera into Final Cut Pro
Importing and editing still images into Final Cut Pro
Adjusting Images and Clips in the Timeline in FCP
Starting the Editing Process in Final Cut 169 MB
Basic Transitions 166 MB
Editing to Music - like with a trailer or music video 100 MB
Editing Audio in Final Cut 60.6 MB
Use of 3-Way Color Corrector in FCP 118.5 MB
Constructing a Scene in Final Cut Pro 255 MB
Basics Of Using a 4-point Garbage Matte in Final Cut 70 MB
How to use Split Screens in FCP 230 MB
Exporting your project to a Quicktime Movie 89.2MB



Subject: Movie File
Text Basics with Apple Motion (Also covers the basics of Motion Tracking) 165.5MB
Animating Masks in Motion (Keyframe animation of the points in Motion) 188.1MB



Subject: Movie File
Soundtrack Pro basics 170.6 MB
Sound Effects and Advanced Stuff with Soundtrack Pro 102.4 MB


CELTX (Movie Scripts):

Subject: Movie File
Introduction to Using Celtx to Write Movie Scripts 97.7MB



Subject: High Resolution
Flash Basics - What is a Symbol? 100MB
Drawing Object in Flash From Scratch - Basics 164MB
Drawing More Complicated Objects in Flash - Shading and Stuff Like That 184.6MB
Tweening Basics 134.7MB
Inverse Kinematics on Symbols Basics - Building a Simple Character 179.8MB
Inverse Kinematics on Symbols Basics - Using a Photoshop File of a Backhoe 226.9MB
Using Inverse Kinematics on SHAPE OBJECTS - Deformation of Geometry with Bones Tool and Bind Tool 201.3MB
Setting up "Puppets" in Adobe Photoshop so that they can be "rigged" with Inverse Kinematics 239.9MB
Rigging Characters in Flash - With Emphasis on taking simple shapes and making them more complex later on. 159.3MB
Starting to Build a More Complex Character in Flash - Using Paths Tool and Multiple Layers 233.2MB
Nesting Tweens within Tweens - Applying a motion tween on a symbol with IK inside the symbol. Specifically so that a walking cycle can be applied to character that also moves across the screen with a Motion Tween. 233.6MB
Switching an object from one symbol to the next with IK. For instance, having a sword in a characters belt and then move it to his hand after he grabs it. 124.3MB
Building a Walk Cycle - From the Front - Good Audio 108.86MB
Building a Walk Cycle - From the Side - With Background - Bad Audio 250.2MB
Using Scenes to "Change Cameras" in Flash - Easier Demo with Simple Animation 61.4MB
Using Scenes to "Change Cameras" in Flash - More Complex Animation with More Inverse Kinematics Work & Switching of Symbols to Make an Object "Fly" Out of the Character's Hand 262.1MB
Gaming Tween Basics - Using ActionScript to Activate Tweens within Symbols 131MB
Adding a Target to Animated Objects and ActionScript to Make Them Clickable - As well as Adding a Simple Resulting Animation as an Effect of the Click 108.6MB
Adding a More Complex Animation on an Object After It Has Been Clicked - Using ActionScript to Activate a series of Tweens 152.8MB
Using Scenes and ActionScript to Add a Start Menu to a Simple Game 139.4MB
Adding an Animation to a Start Menu 138.9MB
Using ActionScript to Add and Remove Items For a Game 73.69MB



Subject: Movie File
Character Sketch Demo 85.5 MB
Starting Your Flipbooks 92.4 MB
Importing Photographed Frames into Final Cut Pro and Making a Quicktime Movie of your Flipbook 152 MB



Subject: High Resolution
Introduction to Blender - Using basic Keyframe animation to make 2 objects collide 111.5MB
Using motion paths and empty objects to control your camera 148MB
Basic Surfacing Without Using UV Mapping 155MB
Testing Your Motion (Rendering w/o Textures to See Speed and Timing) 115.2MB
Using the Curve Editor and Dope Sheet to Modify Keyframe Animation 139MB
Basic Vertex Modeling Methods (Using Edges, Face, Vertices, as well as Subsurface Modifier) 144.1MB
Subsurface Modifier Introduction 76.6MB
More Modeling Techniques - Vertex Modeling and the Mirror Modifier 155.5MB
Using the Boolean Modifier to Makes Walls with Windows 85.25MB
Building a Basic Bipedal Character - Modeling Basics and Setting Up Armature 243.4MB
Setting Up Inverse Kinematics with a Character - Naming Bones and Weight Painting 227.8MB
UV Mapping Using Found Images From the Internet - Part 1 133.8MB
UV Mapping Using Found Images From the Internet - Part 2 60.6MB
UV Mapping From Scratch - Creating UV Templates and Editing Them in Photoshop 235.1MB



Subject: Movie File
Downloading Images From Camera Card with Adobe Bridge CS4 169.1MB
Emptying Cache Files 42MB
Creating a Contact Sheet with Adobe Bridge CS4 89.1MB


Subject: High Resolution
Using the Scanner Plugin to Aquire a Digital Scan of Analog Media 151.5MB
Introduction to Photoshop - Pixel-Based Graphics, Strengths and Weaknesses 215.5MB
Organizing Layers in Photoshop 92.7MB
Introduction to the Gradient Tool and Blending Options 148.9MB
Introduction to Photoshop Filters 97.5MB
Using Layer Masks to Create Composites 220.8MB
Resolution Issues with Using Images From the Internet 94.9MB
Fabricating Shadows and Highlights 186.8MB
Using Adjustment Layers 115.4MB
Advanced Layer Mask Techniques 175.4MB
Clone Stamp Tool Basics 205.7MB
Basic Photo Editing with the Camera Raw Plug-In 125.7MB
Editing Photos - Sharpening and Cloning (Stretched for some reason) 242.1MB



Subject: High Resolution
Introduction to Website Design - Part 1 (Setting Up Dreamweaver for a New Site, Basic Buttons) 254MB
Introduction to Website Design - Part 2 (Setting Up Menu Bar & Linking Pages) 113.4MB
Introduction to Website Design - Using Tables to Control Content Flow 128MB
Introduction to Website Design - Wesbite File & Folder Structure and Important Considerations on Organization 58.9MB
Introduction to Website Design - Making and Thumbnail Image and Linking it to a Larger Version 132.6MB
Using Slices in Adobe Photoshop CS4 187.6MB
Setting Up Your Web Design in Photoshop for Rollover Buttons 101MB
Saving for Web in Photoshop and Setting up Rollovers in Dreamweaver 208.6MB
Setting Up Backgrounds In a Website - Tiling vs Using CSS for Single Image Backgrounds 235.8MB
Using Photoshop and Dreamweaver to Build a Good Tiling Background



DVD Creation:

Subject: Movie File
Making a Basic DVD with ONLY movies on it (and using canned templates, etc.) 87.9MB
Organizing your files to get ready to create a DVD portfolio 107.5MB
Creating menus and links in DVD Studio Pro 237.7MB
Using "Layered" Menus and photoshop files in DVD Studio Pro to created advanced menus and buttons. 128.7MB
Creating animated transitions between menus using the animation palette in Photoshop 171.9MB
Adding DVD-ROM content to your DVD (In other words, how to save your project files - Flash, Photoshop, whatever) so that you can copy them and work on them on another computer. 59.9MB
How to get Layer Effects in Photoshop to show in DVD Studio Pro, since they don't want to show up on their own without a little bit of help... 71.5MB
How test and burn your DVD! 63.1MB



Subject: Movie File
Illustrator Basics 92.7MB
Typing Text along a path in Illustrator 64.9MB



Subject: Movie File
Introduction to Adobe InDesign for Photography Class 190MB
Finalizing a Project and "Packaging" (Saving) it for Submission (To Be Graded) 59.2MB
Using InDesign to Design a Layout with Many Photographs (For the Alphabet Project) 142MB



Subject: Movie File
Introduction to the Macintosh and Dealing With the Server 127.2MB
How to Save Your Files in the Art Labs (For all classes EXCEPT Digital Video!) 97.4MB
Elements and Principles - Definition and Discussion 130.3MB
Line Types and Their Definitions 269.1MB
Color Theory - Part 1 196.1MB
Color Theory - Part 2 141.6MB
1 Point Perspective 157.9MB
2 Point Perspective 83.42MB
3 Point Perspective 108.7MB
Figure in Motion Sketchbook Disussion 87.3MB


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