My classroom at Penfield High School (2009)
Image by Tim West
Welcome to my teaching page: Here you will find information about the different classes that I teach. First and foremost, below are the links to the blogs that I have for each class I teach at Penfield for the second semester of the 2015-2016 school year:

All of the student work for the Annual Penfield High School Film Festival is now online and ready for your viewing! Please go to the following pages to start watching all the work that our students have worked so hard to create!


A little about me as a teacher:

I have been teaching at Penfield High School in Rochester NY, since 1999. I have taught many different classes, including Digital Video, Animation, Film Photography, Digital Photography, Media Arts, Video Game Design, Advertising, Desktop Publishing,Studio in Art, Jewelry, and even Sculpture. I also was in charge of the Yearbook for 4 years, and also was a co-advisor and teacher supervisor of Penfield's Robotics Team, Rolling Thunder, for 4 years, and have recently re-joined Rolling Thunder again in 2015.

When I came to Penfield, the only digital curriculum we had was a one-semester course in Computer Graphics. Since then, I have authored and implimented new curriculum for the Digital Video, Digital Photography, Animation, Media Arts, Desktop Publishing, Video Game Design, and Advertising classes. Our department now teaches approximately 30% of its collective curriculum in the computer lab, training our students in modern media and methods of design. In fact, Digital Photography has become our most-taken elective, and now requires two teachers to share the teaching duties for the class!

We are very proud at Penfield to offer many courses that most high schools do not have. It's a very exciting time to be a media teacher, especially with a district that supports the arts and technology, and I am excited to continue teaching teenagers the constantly changing world of new media.

I also have a Student Work page where I am (slowly) putting up student work from previous years for display and reference.

Eventually I will also have a Curriculum Page, where I will be posting examples of some of the units and curriculum that I have created.

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