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While it's important to hire a wedding photographer who takes great photographs, I think it's also important to hire a photographer whom you enjoy working with. Your wedding is supposed to be your best day ever, and the last thing you need is a difficult photographer. I pride myself on being a photographer who not only will get you great photos of your wedding day, but will also be a mindful and courteous individual who will become an active part of your wedding day.

I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years, and I always strive to be helpful and invested during the day. From driving the bride and the groom to a location for a photograph, or simply grabbing the bride's bouquet and making sure she has it for the ceremony, I consider it my role to make sure that I do everything I can to help the wedding come together. If I can make your wedding better with my presence, then that will also reflect in the photographs.

I also try to be a very flexible photographer. I will try my hardest to work within your schedule, as well as within your budget. I strive to make sure that I give my clients a good value for their photography.

I shoot with excellent equipment, using professional lenses and high-end digital SLR cameras that provide images that are sharp and have high enough resolution that you can easily get very large prints from them.

In the gallery to the right, you can find a selection of images from some of the weddings I have photographed in the past. If you would like to contact me and get more information about how I could serve you as a photographer for your wedding, please email me.

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